For family and friends

Are you worried about a young person (16-28 years old) you know?

Is a young person you know in need of something to do? Do they need help with finding a place of study or a job perhaps? Do they seem to be distressed or gloomy?

Outreach youth work can be contacted not only by young people themselves, but their family members or close friends as well. Our work is always based on the young person’s consent, even when we are contacted by someone other than the young person themselves. Outreach youth work is always confidential and driven by the young person’s own needs and experiences.

You can contact us to discuss about your worries. A meeting can be set up after we’ve discussed the matter with the young person in question. Don’t be left alone with your concerns – reach out!

Telephone & WhatsApp: 040 184 3175
E-mail: etsivanuorisotyo(a)